Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hair Clips

So I have been making hair clips here and their for myself and my daughter but recently my husband mentioned that I make them to a woman that he works with. She was very interested and so I made her two and she loved them. She loved them so much that she wanted me to make her 4 more. Its such a wonderful feeling to know that someone likes your creations. So I posted the pictures of the first 2 clips that I made for her on my facebook page and the responses were amazing. Since posting the pictures I have gotten requests for about 14 more. WOW. So im thinking that since I love making these so much that I want to build up a little inventory and put them on This is something that im excited about doing and cant wait to get it off the ground.

I know there are many people that make these flower hair accessories but I think the thing that sets me apart from the rest is that I use shirts, pajama pants, or night gowns as the majority of my material. I find these pieces of clothing at Thrift-Stores and Yard Sales.   I love that I can make an ugly shirt(in my opinion) into a really pretty hair accessory and that the pieces that I make from them are unique because only so many can be made out of that piece of material and then there is no more.

Let me show you what exactly im talking about. This is one of the night gowns that I got at one of the local thrift stores and if I remember right it cost me $1. I really like the material and hoped that it would make a good pattern for a hair clip so I tried it out.

And here is how it turned out. 
(the one on the right with the skull was also made from a night gown)

So I look forward to creating more unique pieces out of recycled clothing. And hopefully soon I will have enough to list on 

Stay Tuned. 
                  Love Nicolette

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  1. Those are way freakin cute Nicolette! I love that you use thrift clothes! And thats something other people will love too because upcycling is so "in" right now. Not that anyone should be eco friendly just because its popular, lol but there is a big market for that kind of stuff. And also like you said.. it makes pieces truly UNIQUE and one of a kind. :)