Saturday, June 25, 2011

Easy Bejeweled Thumb Tacks

Ok so I bought a few packages of jewels at the Dollar Store in town the other day and I didn't really have a plan for them. But while I was at the thrift store rummaging through the free box(I find some cool stuff sometimes) I found a zip lock bag full of Thumb Tacks. Now normally I don't get super excited when I find thumb tacks but this particular bunch of thumb tacks had some very cute Ladybug push pins in it as well. So anyways after getting home I put my Ladybug push pins on my bulletin board and realized that my board needed a little sprucing up and those Dollar store Jewels came to my mind.

So here is what I used.
Flat backed Jewels~$1
Thumb Tacks~Free Box
Hot Glue Gun~Already had it!!
(Looking Simple Already Right???)

Ok so then all I did was put some hot glue on the Thumb Tack and pushed on the Jewel. So simple and Cute!!!
These are the cute little Ladybug Pins that were my inspiration!! Thank you Thrift Store free box!!
Here's the jewels that I got from the Dollar Store and the Free miss-matched Thumb Tacks!!

I added a bit of hot glue to the top of the thumb tack. 
(I told you it would be super easy)

Put the push pin down on the flat side of the Jewel. (obviously)

Then WaLa!! There you have it your own Jewel Push Pins. 
I think they do a very nice job of showcasing my hair clips!!!


  1. I found you through Agape Love! Thanks for following me! Two things, first I LOVE the push pins! What a simple and great idea. I already have most of those materials, so guess what I will be doing! Second, I read your hairclips post, I also make most of my hair pretties from t-shirts and such stuff like that. I think I have made 4 that are from left over fabric, the rest are old t-shirts. It is such a great way to reuse! All these to say, I LOVE it!

  2. LOVE these! Way cute idea! I also love how you have them showcasing your hair accessories! :) Gosh I love the D-Tree! haha I already have all these supplies! :) Im gonna have to make these!